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Orchid and Flower Photography and Talks by Ron Parsons

Masdevallia caudata


This huge genus which belongs to the larger group of orchids called Pleurothallids originates in the tropical Americas, from Mexico in the north to Bolivia and Brazil in the south. There are currently more than 500 hundred species with new ones being discovered and described yearly. Most are usually found at elevations in conditions that would be considered cool and moist, but there are many from mid-elevations that in cultivation would be considered intermediate. There are even some, albeit few, that are warm-growing. Not a genus that every orchid lover can easily grow, there is at least one for every situation. This talk represents exquisite flowers from all the major groupings in this genus as well as their cultural requirements.

The book "Masdevallias, Gems of the Orchid World", coauthored by Mary Gerritsen and Ron Parsons (Timber Press) features Ron's Masdevallia photographs.

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Masdevallia angulifera 'Santa Barbara'