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Orchid and Flower Photography and Talks by Ron Parsons

Ron photographing Calochortus tiburonensis, Ring Mountain, CA


This is a favorite genus amongst wildflower enthusiasts with more than 70 species. These often incredibly beautiful flowers occur in the western United States, south through Mexico and into Guatemala. California alone has more than 40 species. There are four main floral forms in this genus – Mariposa Lilies, Globe Lilies, Cats Ears and Star Tulips. Almost every species is presented, as well as subspecies, varieties and color forms, and all but a few were photographed in nature. The discussion will include information about their habitats as well as places to see them.

Ron has travelled many thousands of miles for nearly 20 years to photograph the species of this genus and to capture on film their incredible variety and beauty. Of the 73 plus taxa known to still be found in the wild, Ron has now photographed all but a handful in situ. For the last three years, he has visited many of the localities in Mexico, further increasing the diversity and uniqueness of this slide collection. One of his most popular lectures to Native Plant and Rock Garden Societies, the photos in this lecture have to be seen to be appreciated.

Ron recently coauthored the book, Calochortus. Mariposa Lilies and their Relatives (Timber Press) and most of the photographs in the book are his.

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