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Orchid and Flower Photography and Talks by Ron Parsons

Rarities and Oddities

(Rare and Unusual Orchid Species)

With 20,000 to 25,000 species, orchids are the largest plant family in the world. They are found in every continent except Antarctica, from hot, lowland tropical forests to high alpine reaches. Orchids grow in soil, on trees, rocks, even underground, and there are species that are nearly aquatic, in fact, they occupy nearly every available habitat. They have evolved some of the most interesting and varied pollination schemes in the plant world. This presentation features plants from most of the major groups, ones that are rarely seen by most and others that are extremely unusual in their appearance or natural history.

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Houllettia brockehurstiana

Telipogon sp.

Sphryrastylis ecuadorense

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