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Achimenes sp.

Queretaro, Mexico

Achimenes candida

Achimenes Ambroise Verschaffelt

Achimenes sp.

Guerrero, Mexico

Achimenes sp.

Mun. Temascaltepec, Edo Mexico

Achimenes sp. ?

Jalisco, Mexico

Amalophyllon sp.


Amalophyllon sp.


Aeschynanthus hartleyi

Aeschynanthus sp.


Aeschynanthus evrardii

Aeschynanthus sp.

Aeschynanthus sp.


Aeschynanthus sp

Alsobia dianthaflora

Alsobia punctata


Corytoplectus cutucuensis

Corytoplectus sp.


Cobananthus calochlamys

Diastema vexans

Diastema luteola

Episcia fiimbriata 'My Blue Heaven'

Gloxinia purpurascens


Gloxinia erinoides

'Red Satin'

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